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I'm stitching costumes today for a train with square wheels and a snowman and the Abominable Drag Beast of the North and a My Little Hitler doll (complete with goosestep action!) ... all for a wonderful holiday show that spoofs the 1970s (1960s?) claymation TV show Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Remember the Island of Misfit Toys? Well, ours has a My Little Hitler doll too. Talk about misfits. And remember how Dolly didn't seem to be a misfit at all? Well, she's a sexual deviant. We think. Or so it's rumored......

Also I'm considering gender, and whether it might be typically used as a tool of empire (for "empire" read: the oppressive system/spirit that drives a given society. The system of privilege.). Of course it CAN be used as such a tool; nearly anything can, I should think. But is it, typically?

Yeah. I don't know. Wonder what Facebook'll say. I've asked the F.B. world what they think. Should be interesting to hear (a) from my super-evangelical not-very-thoughtful old friends from my Texas high school (most of whom are still IN Texas, bless their hearts) and (b) from my evangelical-but-much-wiser relatives-in-law who still call God "He" but have a faith I admire. As well as everyone else, of course. Hm. We shall see.

How are you doing??
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I need a bike.

Kids, I need a bike.

A kinda small one - turns out I'm not very long of limb, upper or lower! And a "girl" bike, because I ride exclusively in skirts and the crossbar scares the dickens out of me & my skirts!

I'm going to need a basket/ saddlebags/ crate/ platform strappy-on thingy for schlepping stuff (mostly thrift shop shopping), and a lock too. (I've got a helmet, never fear!)

Any suggestions? Got one you want to donate to me? I'm part of an intentional community that is now under consideration for becoming a nonprofit:  which means you can (yes, officially, as of now) donate a bike to me and write it off your taxes. If you make enough money to be taxed, that is. :-)

Please holler back!  Leads welcome!

Thanks all.

dress shields

I'm considering recommending pantiliners to my sewing clients who request underarm dress shields in special-occasion garments that they will be wearing for a long day, or a long reception, etc. A plastic "barrier" outside layer, an inner absorbent layer, and n easy-on-the-skin hypoallergenic and non-raveling layer next to the skin.

Oh, and they're disposable, and very easily replaced or repositioned. Just wondering how the adhesive would hold up.

What do you think? Have you tried it?

Gah, Holy Week.

Struggling.  Pastor-boss (mind you, she's A pastor, she's not MY pastor! Very important distinction; I just work for/with her!) is so disorganized.  Hard to keep my [mental] balance, and boundaries, in the midst of all this.

Pray for me...??
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Hung over.

I think I'm hung over from too much emotion last week! Can you do that?

A relaxing long weekend at the monastery the last weekend of March. Where I did have a brief meltdown about the monks, qua monks, rejecting my sex. Got over that in a couple of hours, but not without telling all of it to Larry. That's typical for me; I can't dispel even stupid demons/fears/tenacious terrors without speaking them. Something about secrets having power, I suppose.

Then on the Sunday (a week ago), immediately upon coming home, tired from getting up at 4 to pray, was Godspell. Gorgeous emotional rollercoaster when it's well-acted, which it totally was.

Then a drama queen guy from church blew up at me over something I said to him at the Godspell intermission. He blew up ... over Facebook message, no less. And it wasn't along the lines of "Bitch, why did you say x to me? That really hurt and if you ever do it again I'll tear your face off" (thanks to B'Lanna of ST Voyager for that particular threat!). It was, no kidding, "You are a really mean person under all the fun clothes and hair you affect. I guess it's all a facade. Don't worry, I won't bother you ever again - in fact, I'll find it difficult even to speak to you."

Wow. Impugn everything I am and do. And this was the first conflict I've ever had with this guy. I felt like I'd been socked in the stomach. For days.

We sort of made up - again, via Facebook, ain't that lovely - but he made it clear he is determined not to "play" with me any more because I always "say something to shatter the mood." I'm sorry, if I've repeatedly said things to you that hurt you and you never said anything, the fault no longer lies with me. The fault lies with YOU for your passive-agressiveness in never bringing it up!

So that hurt. Attack from a blind side. Owwww.

Then a long week of sewing. I love sewing. But there are deadlines, and those exert pressure mentally, even when it's imperceptible.

Then this past Sunday (yesterday) was my birthday. And that's its own kind of pressure, now that I've passed 28 (which was a nice age!). People gave me so many wonderful wishes all day - perhaps it was eustress? (the opposite of distress)

Also I drank fun things for my birthday evening - pina colada mostly. If I'm not totally "up," drinking depresses me.

So hey, maybe I'm ACTUALLY hung over, huh???

Phew.  Come on, Easter, you tardy bitch, I need you this year!!!

Embossing heat tool for hemming organza!

I used this little number

to finish the bottom edge of sparkle organza petals today! A princess dress, with twirly ballgown skirt and large organza petals laid overtop. And I wasn't going to try a rolled hem on a curved organza edge, oh no.

The heat gun was fantastic! Heats up within a matter of a couple of seconds, blows nice hot air in a controlled stream (about the diameter of a quarter or fifty-cent-piece), and just sealed the edges from about 15 inches away. I laid the organza on a towel on the ironing board for the operation.

I was able to create a scalloped effect by bringing the heat gun in closer every four inches or so along the hem.

Hooray! Organza, hemmed in ten minutes!
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I'm beginning to hate my boss.  Think I may give up hate along with sugar for Lent this year.  Gah.
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Well, darlings, apparently witch hazel applied for pore reducing and skin soothing really works. One of my fabulous gay homeless friends just came by and told me I look mighty FRESH today.

Really, how could it get any better on a cold snowy day?!?